Tips for Leaving Doors Open or Closed During Heating and Cooling Service

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Should You Leave Doors Open or Closed for Your Heating and Cooling System to Work Best?

The amount of air coming in and out of your home has an affect on multiple things: odors, temperature, and overall air quality. Opening up windows and doors for fresh air is a good idea for everyone periodically, as it will let out nasty smells and help your house breathe easier. But what affect does aerating your home have on your heating and cooling system?

At Nu-Air Heating & Cooling, LLC, our technicians are committed to making sure everyone understands how their heating and air conditioning works. Keep reading for essential tips on opening windows and doors in your home, and call our professional and personable repairmen for all Mandeville HVAC services.

HVAC Systems and Opening Doors: 3 Tips Everyone Should Know

  1. Watch out for air flow: The basic relationship between your heating and cooling system and the air outside is dictated by air flow. How fast the air is moving, as well as how quickly temperatures are rising and falling, can have a great impact on your system. For instance, your heater will have to work harder to compensate during winter if you leave the door open and a burst of cold air comes rushing in. Similarly, your AC unit may struggle in the summertime if you fail to seal in air flow and choose to open windows, letting in stagnant heat at the same time.
  2. Just because a door is closed, doesn’t mean air is stopped: Although you would logically think that most doors seal in air flow, the fact is that very few are constructed to completely restrict it. Air can move through cracks and crevices, leaking out slowly, and increasing your cooling and heating bill more than you know. Find ways to seal doors and windows as much as possible, and don’t run your system unless it is necessary to save energy.
  3. Opening doors can actually save you money: While you should avoid opening up windows and doors in the midst of extreme temperatures, aerating your home in milder weather is actually a good idea. Because some air will always escape through tiny openings, your system will naturally work harder to compensate. By periodically taking the pressure off your system and letting some air in, you will save a nice chunk of money.

Call Nu-Air If You Want Your System to Feel Brand New

Ultimately, one thing that will always hold true is that no matter how much air you’re letting in and out of your house, no system will work perfectly without periodic maintenance and repairs. Thankfully, Nu-Air is equipped to handle a wide range of makes and models, so your system remains functional for years and years. And, if your equipment does eventually stop working, we’ve got you covered with free estimates on replacements. Our local and family-owned business is operated by veterans and we employ only fully licensed and insured professions. We have over 20 years in the heating and cooling industry to back our reputation, and we are renowned for our superior customer service. Call today for quality HVAC repair, and find out why Nu-Air has become a trusted Mandeville institution.

You can reach us by phone at (985) 288-2445, or contact us online anytime for 24/7 emergency service.

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