Smart Home Devices for Parents

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Are your kids spending too much time on the Internet? Do you regularly have to remind them to lock doors? Are you worried about their safety when you aren’t home?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you may be able to simplify your life and achieve greater peace of mind by taking advantage of some of the latest smart home technology.

Up Your Parenting Game with These Smart Home Devices

If you are a parent, consider integrating any of these smart devices into your home:

  • Google WiFi: This allows you to limit when and how often your children access the Internet, which can be very helpful for parents who want to keep their kids from using their phones at dinner, playing video games all night, and otherwise staying online for large amounts of time. Implementing Google WiFi in your home can also help you block inappropriate or suspicious content from your kids’ digital devices.
  • Smart locks: Installing smart locks allows you to monitor your home’s locks remotely using a mobile app, which can help you keep track of whether your kids are locking the door after getting home from school, taking the dog for a walk, etc.
  • Keyless entry: There’s a good chance your kids will forget their keys at some point and find themselves locked out of the house. You can avoid having to drive home or leave your child waiting on the front porch by using keyless entry, which allows your child to unlock the door using a mobile app. (This can be disabled in the event your child loses their phone.)
  • Smart thermostat: Some kids may complain about the temperature; others may start changing the thermostat in protest, once they’re old enough. This can make it difficult to maintain control of your home’s temperature and monitor your energy expenditure. However, you can keep your utility costs low by installing a smart thermostat, which provides insights into your consumption and allows you to remotely control the temperature in your home from your mobile device.

Smart Thermostat Installation, Maintenance, & Repair in Mandeville

At Nu-Air Heating and Cooling, LLC, we can help you reduce your energy bills and maintain control over your home’s temperature at all times by setting you up with a smart thermostat. We are up to date on the latest and greatest heating and air conditioning technology, and we can assist you in selecting the right thermostat for your family.

Connect with one of our Mandeville smart thermostat technicians today by calling (985) 288-2445.

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