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Mandeville HVAC Maintenance & Upkeep Plans

Keeping Your Heater & AC In Top Working Order

At Nu-Air Heating & Cooling, LLC, we offer maintenance plans that fit your systems and your budget, allowing you to make the most of your heating and air conditioning systems, while ensuring they last longer and run more efficiently all year-round. We always care for every customer’s home or business as though we were caring for our very own, and that means providing exceptional quality customer service and certified, knowledgeable maintenance procedures that can preserve your system and make it more efficient, which saves you money. We’re proud of our history and longstanding reputation as one of the industry leaders, including being a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business.

For more information about our maintenance plans, or to set up your unique, individually-tailored plan, contact Nu-Air Heating & Cooling, LLC today!

What’s Included In Our Maintenance Service?

Maintenance services include a full inspection of your system, including looking for any potential signs of a breakdown that could be developing. Finding these problems early allows you to fix them before they can cause even more catastrophic damage to your heater and air conditioner, resulting in even more costly repairs.

Our Service Plans Include:

  • Thermostat inspections and adjustment
  • Air leak inspection
  • Drain line blowout
  • Evaporator and condenser coil cleaning
  • Blower motor assembly inspection
  • Full electrical component check
  • Safety device inspection
  • Burner inspection and cleaning
  • Refrigerant pressure monitoring
  • Compressor voltage and amperage check
  • 10% discount on parts
  • Priority service

Quality Services At Affordable Rates

Think you can’t afford a maintenance service? Think again. Our services start at just $165 and can potentially save you hundreds when you consider how much it can save you in energy costs as well as expensive repairs caused by breakdowns from extensive periods of neglect.

Our Maintenance Plan Charges Are As Follows:

  • One-time service; per system $185
  • Twice per year; one system: $300
  • Twice per year; two systems: $500
  • Twice per year; three systems: $875
  • Twice per year; four systems $995

With these options, even the largest commercial campuses can have their heating and air conditioning systems cared for with the services they need at an affordable price. We always recommend everyone have their system tuned up at least twice per year: once in spring and once in fall. That way you can make sure your heater is ready for winter and air conditioner is ready for summer before the climate mandates that these systems be turned on and used full-time.

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Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Your heating and air conditioning systems are kind of like your car: the more you take care of them, the longer they’ll last and the better they’ll work. However, you regularly maintain your car by changing the oil, lubricating joints and belts, and much more. So, why don’t you show your heating and air conditioning system the same sort of love? If you want to make sure your comfort systems are ready to handle the heavy workload of summer heat and winter cold, reach out to our Mandeville HVAC service technicians and schedule a maintenance tune-up service!

Benefits To Annual Or Bi-Annual Maintenance, Include:

  • Ensuring your HVAC unit last longer
  • Helping your unit run more efficiently year-round
  • Saving you money on your monthly utility bills
  • Lengthening the lifespan of your HVAC unit
  • Decreasing the need for repairs or emergency services
  • Giving you peace of mind that your unit will be in top working order when you need it

If you would like more information about our high-quality maintenance plans or want to sign up and get your home or business’s heating and air systems the care they need, contact Nu-Air Heating & Cooling, LLC now!

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