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HVAC Upgrade Tax Credits

Replacing an old or outdated heating or air conditioning system is expensive, and that significant investment is often one that people don’t want to make until they absolutely have to. While it’s true that spending thousands of dollars to replace a system that might still work or be brought back to working condition again with a simple repair may sound foolhardy, there are some significant benefits to replacing your system. In addition to the tremendous saving on your energy bills, replacing your system with a new, more efficient one may qualify you for some federal tax credits that can reduce your burden and keep more money back in your pocket!

Central Air Conditioning Tax Credit

Heating and cooling consumes as much as half of the energy the average American home uses every single year, so it should come as little surprise that upgrading these systems can be arguably the biggest way to save power and money. To that end, the federal government has also encouraged homeowners to make this investment by providing a $300 tax credit for installing air conditioners that have been recognized as one of ENERGY STAR’s most efficient units. The list changes every year, but generally, units that reach a mandatory SEER rating are included. For the year 2016, split systems required a minimum SEER rating of 16 while package systems needed a minimum SEER of 14.

Advanced Main Air Circulating Fan

One of the key problems with furnaces is that the warm air, which naturally rises to the top of your ducts, often struggles to be moved throughout your home. An advanced main air circulating fan is a blower fan that pushes the air that’s fresh out of your furnace through your duct system with greater force, thus encouraging it to spread throughout your home faster and with less heat loss. Installing one of these fans can qualify for a $50 tax credit, but as long as the fan uses no more than two percent of the furnace’s total energy.

Gas, Propane, or Oil Furnaces

Gas, propane, and oil furnaces burn a natural fuel as opposed to electricity to create the heat that keeps your home warm. Installing a brand new furnace with an AFUE of 95 or greater could qualify you for another tax credit of $150. You also qualify for another $50 credit if you install one of the advanced main air circulating fans mentioned above.

Heat Pumps

Installing an ENERGY STAR certified heat pump could qualify you for a $300 tax credit! What is a certified heat pump? Split systems are required to have a SEER rating of 15 and package systems must have a SEER rating of 14 in order to qualify.

Take Advantage of These Programs!

These are just a few of the tax credits you may qualify for by installing a brand new heating and cooling system in your home. It’s strongly advised you reach out and speak with a Mandeville heating and air conditioning team to learn more about these options and see if there are any others you may qualify for by having your old, outdated, and inefficient system replaced.

For more information about tax credits for replacing your old system, contact Nu-Air Heating & Cooling, LLC by dialing (985) 288-2445 or contact us online today!

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