Communicating Systems & Their Apps

Most people do not even think about their thermostat on a daily basis. You most likely adjust it in the winter or summer when the temperature starts to change, but for the most part, the thermostat is simply seen as another part of a standard heating and cooling system.

Yet what if your thermostat could do more? While old thermostats are known to malfunction, often driving up heating and cooling costs and interfering with your overall comfort, modern thermostat communicating systems and their apps can improve your home in all sorts of ways. Keep reading to learn more about what a modern thermostat could do for you, and contact the Mandeville heating and AC pros at Nu-Air Heating & Cooling, LLC for a range of HVAC services.

What Are Communicating Thermostats?

While programmable, learning thermostats like Nest have been around for awhile, they still aren’t the norm in most homes. That could soon change, however, as it’s only a matter of time before consumers go where the more advanced technology is.

Communicating thermostats can be controlled with an app, allowing you to customize specific temperature settings depending on the weather and the time of day without even being home. That means you can save money on energy usage, adjusting your indoor temperature at a moment’s notice, so you never end up blowing more hot or cold air than you need to. And while this technology can be difficult to operate, products like the Nest thermostat learn temperature preferences for you. By copying your behavior to create a unique temperature schedule, Nest thermostats can save you money and maximize your comport at the same time.

Benefits of Nest Installation or Other Communicating Thermostats Include:

  • Easy Programming: As we already mentioned, dealing with modern thermostats can be difficult, especially if you are not very tech-savvy. Yet because products like Nest observe and mimic patterns, once you’ve got a routine down your thermostat will just keep following it!
  • Lower Energy Bills: With energy efficient options on your communicating thermostat, you will always be able to make sure your heating and cooling equipment is not using more power than you want it too.
  • App Accessibility: With Nest and similar products, you can adjust your thermostat from your mobile device. Don’t waste energy or money—go green with a communicating thermostat!
  • Added Features: Did you know that modern thermostats like Nest allow you to remotely control other parts of your home, too? It’s true. Access cameras, carbon monoxide detectors and doorbells all from an app that connected to your thermostat—giving you the advanced, convenient home comfort you need.

To learn more about Nest or other modern thermostat options, call (985) 288-2445, or contact one of Nu-Air Heating & Cooling, LLC's experienced HVAC technicians online.

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