Holidays Got Your Budget Tight? Our Financing Can Help That!

Nu-Air Heating & Cooling

With the holidays nearly a month behind us, many people are looking at their financial situation and may be asking themselves some familiar questions: “Why did we spend so much this year?” “Where did all the money go?” “How long until I’m breathing comfortably again?” To make matters worse, an issue with your home can happen at any time, and it’s not uncommon for something to happen that requires you to get a repair, or even a total system replacement.

However, if you’re still stressing from the holidays and your financial situation seems grim, you may think as though you simply can’t afford the repair you need right now. With bills still piling up, you just can’t afford to put up the cash for the service you need.

What you more than likely don’t realize is that you don’t have to! At Nu-Air Heating and Cooling, we understand that things like this happen, and that it really does seem like major issues never happen at a good time. We’re homeowners just like you, and we get it—life has a talent for terrible timing. However, that doesn’t mean you should have to suffer for it. When you depend on your heating and cooling system to get you through winter and keep you healthy, you should be able to get the repairs you need when you need them.

Customer-Friendly Financing

At Nu-Air Heating and Cooling, we’re proud to offer financing for large projects through Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo has provided outstanding financing for home service projects for many years, and offers a range of financing terms and loan projects which are tailored to help you get the repairs or new system installation you need to get through winter.

When you call our Mandeville heating and cooling experts, we’ll walk you through the financing process, including working with you to determine what terms best fit your life and your budget. Whether you need a lower monthly payment, simply want to put no money down, or want to pay your system off over a longer term, Wells Fargo has something that fits your life.

Applying takes only minutes—you’ll have an answer as to whether or not you’re approved quickly, and that means we can schedule your service as soon as possible. Depending on availability, we may even be able to begin installing your new system as quickly as the very next day.

And the best part: you don’t have to worry about the bills piling up from the holidays or having to drain your savings in order to get it done.

Stop worrying about the holiday blues and let Nu-Air Heating and Cooling make your home comfortable again! Call us at (985) 288-2445 today for more information.

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